Affordable Veterinary Mobile WebsitesWhy your Veterinary Hospital Needs a Mobile Website

Google Insists That You Have a Mobile Veterinary Website

On April 21, 2015 Google announced that websites would no longer appear in their mobile search results unless they were designed for mobile phones. Google has been acting slowly, but now they are turning up the heat. Unless your veterinary hospital's website is designed for a mobile phone, you will soon disappear from Google's mobile search results.

Most Web Searches Are Done On Mobile Phones

Since more than 60% of web searches are now performed on mobile phones, if you don't have a veterinary mobile website, you will lose the majority of potential internet visitors. Now more than ever, you need a fast, convenient and reliable mobile website.

BudgetVetSites, a division of VetNetwork, has emerged as the leader in mobile websites for veterinary hospitals. We're the first company to utilize Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for mobile veterinary websites to ensure our clients rank on the top of mobile searches. If a pet owner is searching for a veterinarian on their smartphone and your veterinary website is ranked high, they will call your practice for additional information or to make an appointment.

The Team At BudgetVetSites Is Here To Help

The goal at BudgetVetSites is to bring more clients through the doors of your veterinary hospital. Without a mobile veterinary website for your practice, they may not come.

To see examples of mobile veterinary websites that we have created for other veterinary hospitals, please visit our online portfolio.

Don't risk falling dangerously behind your competitors. Call BudgetVetSites today at (603) 743-4321 and make sure you have a mobile veterinary hospital website that ranks high on mobile phones.

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